Beautiful Savage: The Man Issue for A Shaded View on Fashion

Dear Diane and Shaded Viewers,
Most magazines, upon releasing an edition called The Man Issue, would probably scout a cover star with A-list credentials, a six-pack and expertly coiffed hair. Then again, Beautiful Savage isn’t like most magazines.
For the cover of its third issue, the independent art and fashion glossy chose model, DJ and Lana del Rey music video regular Bradley Soileau. With his delicate features and heavily tattooed exterior, Soileau is the perfect embodiment of the issue’s theme of modern masculinity. Inside the magazine, readers will find interviews with the likes of JD Samson, Sebastian Errazuriz, Asher Levine and Theo Gosselin. “The whole magazine is about telling stories about people who do beautiful and challenging pieces of work. I never worked at a magazine before, and I was like, ‘fuck it. let’s just make something really dark and cool’. Beautiful Savage, was a name I chose to represent visually stunning works that possess subversive or challenging themes,” explains the magazine’s editior-in-chief Chad Saville.
The story behind the birth of Beautiful Savage is just as unconventional as its content. After suffering from a spinal cord injury that nearly left him paralyzed, Saville was inspired to start the magazine in February 2013. “My friends, a bunch of photographers, artists, and basically art and fashion nerds, would hang out with me a lot and like take out my trash and make my bed for me. And I sort of rediscovered journalism through my love of art and fashion and magazines. During that time, the only thing I would do is take pictures and hang out in art galleries,” he explains. 
In the end, it begs to question: what is the ethos that lies at the heart of Beautiful Savage? “Our mission is to connect with jaw-dropping artists and to tell their story. We’re not really interested in who’s a celebrity, or the illusion of exclusivity, or fashion parties and all that stuff,” Saville says. “It’s more about, who really are the important artists, independent or otherwise, and what makes them remarkable.”

Read the full article here.

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