Dom Perignon & Iris Van Herpen – Metamorphisis

Dear Diane and Shaded Viewers,

Dom Pérignon has teamed up with Iris van Herpen to explore themes of evolution, transformation and renaissance for their latest Creator collaboration.

The fruits of their labor – the Dom Pérignon Limited Edition by Iris van Herpen gift box set and a bespoke sculpture entitled Cocoonase – were unveiled at Pioneer Works Center for Arts and Innovation in Red Hook, with the entire site being immersed in the metallic green color of van Herpen’s design for the night.

In the following interview, the ANDAM Fashion Award winner and Pérignon’s Chef de Cave Richard Geoffroy discuss futuristic innovation and the beauty of creation.
How did this collaboration come about?

Richard Geoffroy: Dom Pérignon was drawn to working with Iris van Herpen because of how she pushes established boundaries.  She innovates in terms of techniques, technologies and materials, and her creative curiosity extends beyond the world of fashion into all art forms. She revels in contradiction, much like Dom Pérignon, with one foot firmly planted in traditional craftsmanship and the other in futuristic innovation. She is a perfect example of the Power of Creation that Dom Pérignon inspires.

Iris van Herpen: I am so honored to collaborate with Dom Pérignon, which is an exquisite icon and an undeniable symbol of creation and metamorphoses. It is a pleasure to work with a Maison that encourages and inspires creation in all its forms. Dom Pérignon exudes mystery and paradox, embodying its own distinct style yet always reinventing itself. I was strongly attracted by these qualities, as I always want to push fashion to the extreme and embrace contradiction and new forms of expression. Dom Pérignon’s Power of Creation is linked to venturing beyond the frontiers of the known, and inventing extraordinary experiences, sensations, emotions and images. I express this in my work by constantly experimenting with my own creation and in collaboration with other artists and visionaries.

What was a key moment in the collaboration?

Iris van Herpen: The most heartening and joyful moment for me was visiting the graceful landscape and monastery of Epernay, experiencing the magical tasting with Richard and hearing his beautiful words. This day was so inspirational for me. One thing he said to me I found particularly mesmerizing as it was a true difference between our worlds of creation in between all our similarities; it is the memory that is in the essence of all his creation, it is the experience and moments of joy that leave traces of memories. He somehow focuses towards the inside of the body, where I focus on the outside of the body. This beautiful difference in creation I found very inspirational and it was the start of my research into fossilization, where change is shaped by time.

What is the link between the worlds of fashion and champagne?

Richard Geoffroy: Those who create fashion and those who create champagne do so for the audience who will appreciate and interact with the design or the wine. Our creations are very personal – whether they are creations that we wear on our body to express ourselves, or creations that we physically consume – and both are centered upon forging an ever-greater connection with our followers and lovers.

Read the full post here:érignon-iris-van-herpen-metamorphisis

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