The Denim is in the Details for Twin Magazine blog

Whether it was workwear overalls, slashed punk jeans or Daisy Duke cutoffs, denim has always been labelled as the most democratic of fabrics. However, since its founding in 2003, Superfine has managed to propel this everyday basic to stylish new heights, gaining a cult like status among premium denim fans. The brand’s SS 13 collection ‘War & Peace’ puts a light yet luxurious spin on utilitarian dressing with camouflage-printed leather trousers, chambray chino jumpsuits and cargo jodhpurs.
Twin spoke to its founder Lucy Pinter about political fashion, the label’s upcoming ten year anniversary and what puts the ‘super’ in Superfine…
What inspired you to start Superfine?

I was a stylist in London and wanted a skinny jean to work with (and wear). I also wanted something clean; at that time there were only distressed bootlegs available. The Ramones were my inspiration.

You mentioned the importance of the SS 13 collection reflecting our tumultuous times. Should fashion be political?

Good question. To be honest I usually avoid any politics in my work but last season it just seemed difficult to avoid, as the doom was everywhere. Usually for me it’s about something simple. Fashion is not conceptual or deep. I make what I want to wear. That’s it. But I totally understand and respect people that bring political statements to their work. It can be a good way to voice your opinion.

How would you sum up the collection in one sentence?

A strong, vibrant, rock ‘n’ roll collection with military feel.

What were the challenges of creating this season’s range?

The colours were completely new. I had agents screaming for them so I went for it, but it’s a challenge to see such strong colours in development. I’m more into neutrals in general. We also had some heavy laundry trips and getting the washes right was challenging.

Superfine started off as a very denim-focused brand. What has the process of broadening its design horizons been like?

It’s been a very natural progression to be honest. Again, it’s just about what I like to wear. Denim will always be my first love, but I do love covering all bases. It’s more challenging to design a full collection.

What makes the perfect pair of jeans and what do high-end brands offer that the high street cannot?

A perfect pair of jeans is the jean that makes you feel good, the one you throw on with anything for any event. It’s about the fit, wash and details. High end brands (mine anyway) offer a small manufacturing feel that huge production can’t — it’s in the details. Superfine has lasered print pocket linings in good fabrics (the print design changes every season), we have personalised zips in different colour zip tape for each collection, use the highest quality fabrics and don’t bulk buy cheap. I think it’s absolutely incomparable.

What projects do you have lined up for the future?

We have a 10 year anniversary coming up. Watch this space!

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